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La Marzocco KB90
La Marzocco KB90
La Marzocco KB90
La Marzocco KB90
La Marzocco KB90

La Marzocco KB90

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The KB90 is the last model from the Linea PB series. It was created specifically to increase the speed of service in busy cafes, while at the same time making the work of the barista easier thanks to an improved workflow. At La Marzocco, they designed a new system for attaching the lever to the head, precisely for greater work efficiency and reducing the strain on the user's wrists. Efficiency is achieved thanks to steam flushing. After each extraction, a burst of steam blows through the head and is followed by a portion of rinsing water, keeping the machine constantly clean even during the busiest hours. This innovative function minimizes taste spoiling deposits and extends the period for classic cleaning. KB90 enables unprecedented possibilities for your expression, thanks to panels created in such a way that almost endless combinations of colors and materials are possible.

Possible purchase in installments !!!! down payment from 0% monthly installments from CZK 5326 for details contact us.

Product description:

Coffee machines are produced in two variants. AV (automatic) model and ABR (automatic brew ratio) model.

Drip Prediction Algorithm at ABR
automatically stops espresso extraction at the desired moment, thanks to which the set portions in the cup are achieved without the need for manual correction.
Thanks to this algorithm-based system, there is no variation in accuracy when you change coffee between blend, decaf or single coffee.
"Straight forward! portafilter" system
The system was designed to maximally simplify the movement required to attach the portafilter (lever) and thus reduce the strain on the barista's hand. The effort is at least 12 times lower compared to classic clamping. The busy coffee shop environment places high demands on the barista's speed and efficiency when producing drinks during the busiest hours of the day. "Straight forward! portafilter" noticeably alleviates the problems caused by the repetitive strain on the wrist of the classic bayonet mount. Thanks to its simple and natural movement, it significantly improves the barista's workflow and performance.

The coffee machine is equipped for the first time in the company's history with proprietary software that is user-friendly, flexible and has the possibility of future upgrades, let's name the following:
- connection with the scale located in the drip tray
- autosteam
All updates can be easily uploaded using a USB stick.
KB90 push button panel
- larger, more expressive, user-friendly buttons
- o-led display (display made of flexible material)
- aesthetically appealing
- indication of flow meter pulses
KB90 Eco Mode
- The coffee maker can be programmed to save electricity. energy when not in use
KB90 Practical design (compared to classic Linea)
- 32% larger work surface
- the large dripper makes work easier, especially when dispensing a large amount of drinks.
- large capacity cup warmer
- the steam valve opens immediately, just like the GB5 and FB80 models
- better access for maintenance

All other technological parameters are comparable to the models of the GB5 and FB80 series. Separate coffee / hot water and steam boilers, saturated heads, uncompromising temperature stability of water for coffee +/- 0.5 °C. Complete construction made of food grade stainless steel (chassis, fairing, boilers) Stainless steel levers, set of VST strainers of various weights, etc.
Handmade in Florence!!


La Marzocco KB-90 CZ

coffee machine connection requirements

water quality test

mandatory La Marzocco maintenance

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