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La Marzocco STRADA
La Marzocco STRADA
La Marzocco STRADA
La Marzocco STRADA
La Marzocco STRADA
La Marzocco STRADA
La Marzocco STRADA

La Marzocco STRADA

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La Marzocco Strada MP Professional espresso coffee machine that allows profiling of espresso extraction pressure. The first coffee machine designed by baristas for baristas. Each head has its own boiler and its own pump. It is designed to be easy to work with and easy to maintain. The coffee machine is very low so that the barista can see the customer while preparing the coffee. The absolute current top of the industry!!!! Possible purchase in installments !!!! down payment from 0% monthly installments from CZK 5293, contact us for details.

Price shown is for 2 lever version

Product description:

Strada (street in Italian) was created with the great contribution of voices from the street.
Strada is the first coffee machine created with the contribution of the La Marzocco Street Team, a group of leading baristas, technicians and marketing experts who gathered to participate in solving such topics as:
- Machine design and ergonomics
- extraction and quality of the coffee in the cup
- Programmability and operability
What are the benefits of pressure profiling?
With a wide selection of coffees on the market especially varieties and thanks to many variable factors such as
collection, processing, transport, storage and different roasting styles, extraction pressure profiling allows the barista to bring to the surface the different flavor components that affect the balance and body of the espresso cup, which is therefore rounder, smoother, significantly brighter and sweeter with highlighted subtle
reverberations of taste.
The Strada allows breaking away from the usual 25 seconds at 9 atmospheres and opens up endless possibilities for different extraction methods that are the most exciting advances in espresso coffee making today.
Strada MP
- Mechanical Paddle: direct control of water flow and pressure mechanically using an internal valve, allowing pressure profiling manually.
Strada MP Real Time Pressure
- Each coffee boiler has its own pressure gauge for each head, the barista has an overview of the pressure of the current extraction
Pressure gauges help to indicate any inconsistencies in grinding, dosing or tamping.
Stainless Steel Levers *** Patented ***
The Strada is equipped with one-piece and two-piece stainless steel levers with easy-to-clean functions and easy-to-remove spouts for perfect cleaning.
Made without plating, these innovative levers improve cleaning from coffee grounds.
- The lever has an integrated tamping stand to facilitate tamping.


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