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Nicaragua Dipilto
Nicaragua Dipilto
Nicaragua Dipilto
Nicaragua Dipilto
Nicaragua Dipilto
Nicaragua Dipilto
Nicaragua Dipilto
Nicaragua Dipilto
Nicaragua Dipilto
Nicaragua Dipilto
Nicaragua Dipilto

Nicaragua Dipilto

flavor profile after roasting
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Region: Dipilto

Farm (Farmer/Producer): Olman Valladarez

Altitude: 1200 - 1500 m above sea level

Variety: Maragogype

Processing: Washed

Acidity: xx

Recommended preparation: xx


The Cafetalera Buenos Aires farm is a 215-hectare family business founded more than 55 years ago by Luis Emilio Valladarez, known as Olman. It is located in the municipality of Buenos Aires in the Dipilto Mountains, an area specialized in the production of quality coffee, near the border with Honduras. The family has its own kiln and mill, which allows them to develop their own processes, minimize pollution and reduce water consumption. Owning a roastery also allows them to perform their own quality control and guarantees the traceability of each of their coffees.


Maragogype The Maragogype variety is unique in its grain size and shape. It is known as "elephant" coffee because of its large beans, which are significantly larger than regular varieties. Maragogype beans are on average 30-50% larger in size than regular coffee beans. The shape of Maragogype grains is also specific. The beans have a broad, flat shape and are similar in appearance to beans. This shape gives the Maragogype beans a unique appearance and allows them to capture and preserve the rich aromatics during the roasting process. It comes from Brazil and is considered a mutant form of the Typica variety. Coffee from this variety has a slightly sweet and fruity taste with notes of chocolate, caramel and citrus fruits. It is characterized by low acidity and full body.


The farm has a microclimate that favors the production of premium coffee. Coffee trees are planted in sandy soils at an altitude between 1200 and 1500 m above sea level. Most coffee trees grow in the shade, with 70% of them shaded by different types of trees. Both soil and plants are fertilized using ecological techniques, which contributes to sustainable cultivation.


This coffee is fully washed. The cherries are harvested at the highest part of the farm and then wet processed. The process includes removal of pulp, fermentation, rinsing and subsequent drying on drying areas (patios).

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