Peru decaf
Peru decaf

Peru decaf

Vanilla, cocoa, nuts
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Region: Jaen

Processing: Washed - Swiss Water - decaf

Acidity: Medium

Taste profile: Vanilla, cocoa, nuts

Recommended preparation: Filtered coffee and espresso


The Jaén region, located in the Cajamarca region of northeastern Peru, lies in
the Quechua region between 2,300 and 3,500 meters above sea level. This very mountainous region,
covering 5,232.57 square kilometers or 15.4% of the entire department, it offers
varied and rugged terrain. This contrast is created by the mountain ranges of the Western Andes,
known as "Andes del Chamaya", and the valleys and rivers of Huancabamba and Marañon.
The main economic source here is agriculture, which deals with the cultivation of rice,
cocoa, corn and of course coffee. The region enjoys one of the best climates among
Peruvian mountain departments, with a mild, dry climate that is sunny
during the day and cool at night. The average annual temperature here is 16°C, with rain
period from December to March. The main cultivated varieties of coffee are Typica,
Caturra and Bourbon. Coffees from Jaén are known for their sweetness, tones of red and
yellow fruit and acidity.


This coffee is harvested by the Jumarp cooperative in the north of Peru, mainly around the cities of Jaen and San
Ignacio. The coffee trees here benefit from the shade for slow development. It is a mixture
varieties of red Caturra, red Bourbon and Typica, grown at altitudes from
1200 to 1800 meters above sea level.


Water decaffeination uses the principle of osmosis, in which two solutions separated by a permeable membrane equalize their caffeine concentrations, from a less concentrated environment to a more concentrated one.

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