Etikety na balení našich káv

Labels for the packaging of our coffees

Sometimes we get questions about the meaning of individual labels on the labels that are on our packaging. That's why we decided to write this article so that the next time you buy coffee from us, you are sure what the individual labels represent.

Coffee Source - etikety - Costa Rica


Of course, you will be the first to see the name of the coffee on the label. We at Coffee Source consist of the name of the country in which the coffee was grown and the name of the farm or farmer who grew the coffee. On the label (see above) you can see that this coffee was grown in Costa Rica on several farms in the Tarrazu region, internationally renowned for its quality coffee.

But the names of coffees in our country have a few exceptions. These include all the mixes that we have tuned to the last detail and given them unique names.


Other information provided by the label is the region in which the coffee was grown. The region combines different properties, which are then reflected in the final taste of coffee. Therefore, according to the origin of coffee, it is already possible to estimate what the taste profile will probably be or for which coffee preparation it will be suitable. In the example shown, the coffee was grown in the region Saint Ignatius of Acostawhich is known for producing high quality coffee. 95% of the coffee produced in this area is classified as SHB.

Taste profile

You will also find out the exact taste profile of coffee on the label, which we evaluated during cupping. When describing taste aspects, you may find that you cannot simply describe the tastes and aromas you perceive. Therefore, tasters in various fields create tools that facilitate the expression of these perceptions. One of them is the round of coffee flavors and aromas, which was created by the Association of Vintage Coffee (SCA). According to our example, you could look forward to a taste profile of coffee: pink grapefruit, nougat, cashews.

Coffee Source - Flavor Wheel

Processing method

One of the main pieces of information on the label is the processing method. Traditionally, coffee cherries are processed by the following methods: dry, washed or honey. At present, coffees may also indicate that the coffee has been processed by one of the new experimental methods, such as anaerobic fermentation or carbonic maceration. Like the origin of the coffee, the processing affects how the coffee will taste in the cup. At the same time, it is possible to choose a suitable method of coffee preparation according to processing.


Or the so-called "acidity". In general, acidity in society is perceived rather negatively in society. Acidity can be: low, medium and higher. Its level again depends on many factors, which include the already mentioned origin of coffee and the method of processing. It cannot be said that the higher / lower the acidity of the coffee, the tastier the coffee. Coffee should be complex. Whether you like the coffee depends primarily on you and your preferences. 

Roasting date

On the back of each package of our coffee, we always state the roasting date, where you will always find that the coffee came to you really fresh.

It is not a mandatory information, but every roastery that thinks well about coffee states this information. The roasting date is very important to determine the appropriate time to use the coffee. For example, when preparing espresso, coffee is best from 3 weeks after roasting.

At Coffee Source, we have fine-tuned the roasting process to the last detail and we have full control over the coffee production process. As soon as the coffee reaches us, it is roasted by our roaster Tomáš Hudec, through whose hands every bean from our roastery passes.

Date of minimum durability 

In order for your coffee to taste just as good all the time, ie to the last bean, it is first and foremost necessary to store it correctly, but also not to exceed the date of minimum durability, which you will also find on each of our packages. In most cases, we state the date of minimum durability 3 months from the date of roasting.

Proper coffee storage plays an important role in enjoying every cup. That is why we have devoted ourselves to this topic separate article.


Packaging has a slight exception of our mixtures. In addition, you will find a precise description of what specific coffees the mixture consists of, and we have added an exact indication of the degree of bitterness and sweetness.

Coffee Source - etikety - Dark Star

Eco friendly packaging

Because we care about the environment and have been working since the beginning of our operation to generate the smallest possible carbon footprint, our brown packages are ECO FRIENDLY. For each such package, this is revealed by the icon on its side.

We believe that this summary has helped you find your way around our labels. The next time you buy from us, you will be sure what the individual labels mean for your coffee selection.