Oblíbenost filtrované kávy stoupá: Proč ve svém podniku nabízet i tuto variantu?

The popularity of filtered coffee is increasing: Why offer this option in your company?

We all probably already know that flat white coffee has surpassed the classic latte in popularity. However, preferences also change for milk-free coffees. More and more people are looking for a filter. Its popularity is increasing considerably. Among the classic "café loafers", you will probably not find an individual who has never tasted filtered coffee. And the main reason to offer it in your cafe or other gastronomic establishment is in the world. But we have many more such arguments. 

How is filter coffee different from espresso?

Lots of. In theory and in practice it is completely different. While you can prepare an espresso using a classic coffee machine in a few seconds, the filter needs to be taken care of and pay great attention to the choice of grains. Filtered coffee is much milder in taste and thanks to this, a much wider spectrum of tones will stand out in it than in a cup of espresso. Coffee beans intended for the filter they are the majority one-of-a-kind, lighter roasted and their quality is selective. At least that's how it should be - quality, origin and freshness really matter here. 

The procedures for preparing the filter are also completely different from operating a lever coffee machine. Whichever alternative coffee preparation method you choose, you will love it. It will perfume your whole cafe and the ritual process will impress the guests. 

Filtered coffee can be prepared in your cafe in the following ways:

  • Batch brew
  • Harry's V60
  • Chemex

These 3 methods are probably the most suitable for a cafe environment or any other operation. But of course there are many more procedures. But the others are more time-consuming to prepare and are therefore more suitable for a home environment. 

Batch brew is among the most typical of the offer. And no wonder. Thanks to it, you can prepare a larger amount of coffee, which then makes it possible faster customer service – you simply fill the cup from the thermos, which is part of the dripper.

Harry's V60 needs to be prepared separately for each order. But it's nothing complicated and the ritual is absolutely great. You pour hot water over freshly ground coffee in a paper filter and scent the entire space. You can find a detailed preparation procedure in our article

Chemex it is again necessary to prepare for each customer separately. You cannot store coffee from it. However, if two people order Chemex at one table, all you have to do is set up the right ratio of grains and water, and you can pour two servings at the same time. 

Each of these methods has its own charm. Whether in the taste of the cup or in the fragrant ritual. But why include filtered coffee in your menu?

1) Expanding the offer = Addressing a new target group

If you only offer basic coffee drinks, don't count on the fact that your business will be popular with the part of the population that is looking for modern trends. If you want to attract them and keep up with the trends, you need to offer chai lattes, matcha lattes and have a fridge enriched with alternative plant-based milks. And this is doubly true of filtered coffee. You'll find that once the word gets out that your place smells like alternative coffee brewing methods, your dripper won't stop. 

2) Low initial investment, high return

Tools for preparing filtered coffees are not expensive. You can literally buy Hario V60 or Chemex for a few crowns. Therefore, the investment returns really quickly, that is simple numbers. And it's not just about the money - the popularity of your business will rise rapidly. Coffee lovers who are looking for quality drip usually become regular and loyal customers with whom you will create a great long-term relationship. For that, you need a but pay attention to the quality of the coffee beans and the pleasant smile of the staff. 

3) Filtered coffee will infuse your business with professionalism

Today's times simply demand it. The filter is really popular and is becoming almost a given. So professionals should have it know like the back of your hand. Cafes that don't ride this wave can look ill-equipped and uninformed in the eyes of customers. And you don't want that. So take a look at alternative coffee bean preparations on our blog. There you will find many options to start and progress. However, if you still don't know what to do, definitely contact us. We are happy to help you take your offer to the next level.