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Brazil Honey Propolis
Brazil Honey Propolis
Brazil Honey Propolis
Brazil Honey Propolis
Brazil Honey Propolis
Brazil Honey Propolis
Brazil Honey Propolis
Brazil Honey Propolis
Brazil Honey Propolis
Brazil Honey Propolis
Brazil Honey Propolis

Brazil Honey Propolis

flavour profile after firing
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Farm: Fazenda Recanto
Producer: Rafael Vinhal
Region: Cerrado Mineiro
Altitude: 960 - 1040 m above sea level.
Process: Natural
Variety: Topazio
Taste Profile:


Vinhal Cafés Artesanais is a family business that began in 1988 when the charismatic and kind-hearted Zico Vinhal planted the first seedlings with his own hands. The business passed on to his son Afonso, who has been responsible for the daily activities on the farm and in the warehouse ever since.


The Topazio variety is a hybrid coffee variety that was developed in Brazil in the 20th century by crossing two other varieties, Mundo Novo and Caturra. This variety is known for its distinctive flavor profile, which includes a balanced combination of floral and fruity notes, complemented by a subtle sweetness and medium body. Topazio cherries are usually medium to small in size, round in shape, red in colour and have a high sugar content, which contributes to their attractive flavour.


The Vinhal family grows coffee on the 120-hectare Fazenda Recanto farm. When they bought it, there were already several giant African mahogany trees on the site, offering shade for the new seedlings the family planted. Sustainable production is therefore at the heart of the family business, as Fazenda Recanto is also Rainforest Alliance, 4C and Certifica Minas certified. The coffee that the Vinhal family produces stands out for its aromas and flavours, the result of innovative processing methods and passion. The coffee is dried on concrete patios, but the family has also built lift beds where they dry their best batches, many times awarded, including 3rd place in the Cup of Excellence 2022.

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1. Mechanical cherry harvesting

2. Washing the cherries and selecting the ripe ones

3. Dry aerobic fermentation - 78 hours

4. Thermal shock

5. Removal of cherry skins

6. Dry aerobic fermentation with 100% mucilage - 208 hours

7. drying on lifting beds - 19 days

Recommended preparation

We recommend you prepare this coffee as an espresso or use it for espresso based drinks. It will pleasantly surprise you with its flavour of hazelnut and milk chocolate. And what we think is essential is the low acidity for which Brazilian coffees are so popular. You can expect high sweetness and a balance of bitterness with low acidity in your cup.

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