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Ethiopia Tibet Roba
Ethiopia Tibet Roba
Ethiopia Tibet Roba
Ethiopia Tibet Roba

Ethiopia Tibet Roba

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Region: Yirgacheffe
Farma (Farmer) : The Rob Brothers
Altitude : 900 - 2521 m above sea level
Variety: Heirloom
Processing: washed method
Flavor Profile:



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Roba Farm is a unique farm in Yirgacheffe with an area of ​​30 hectares, which is more than
usual for farms in the area. The farm is run by three brothers, Kefyalew, Bekele and
Tesfay, who were taught from an early age to grow and harvest quality coffee cherries from their own
parents. Each brother studied a different field - Kefyalew forestry, Bekele geography and
environment and Tesfaye business management. In 2013, they founded the company
Roba Family Coffee Industry PLC to produce the best Gedeb coffee on the market.
There is a Banko Gotiti washing station on the farm, which is well equipped and allows
brothers to have more control over coffee processing.
Heirloom is a designation for the original species of the coffee plant in Ethiopia. With some farmers, we will already mostly come across the designation of a specific variety.
For coffees grown in the forests and in the Guji area, most coffees are still marked with this term and it is not possible to find out the exact composition directly.
Even so, we chose this coffee and bought it for our roastery. It appealed to us with its typical delicate taste and aroma characteristic of the Guji region.


Coffee from the Roba farm is processed using the washed method. Farm workers carefully
they pick the ripe coffee cherries and they are immediately transported to the washing station.
There, the cherries are sorted, cleaned of dirt and peeled. It is then underway
coffee fermentation in parchment and own juice. After fermentation, the coffee seeds are
thoroughly rinsed in water. Subsequently, the grains are spread out on drying surfaces and
they are left to dry in the sun.
After reaching the right humidity, the grains are peeled from the parchment, sorted and packed.
Through this careful processing, the farmers at the Roba farm achieve high quality coffee,
which is characterized by a clean and delicate flavor profile with floral notes,
typical of coffee from Yirgacheffe. This process also helps maintain authenticity and
the origin of this exceptional coffee.


Heirloom variety is a term used to describe ancient and traditional varieties
coffee plants that have been cultivated in a certain geographic region for several generations. These
varieties are not uniform, but rather a mixture of different genotypes and cultivars that
developed naturally in the region.
In Ethiopia, the country considered to be the cradle of coffee, there are a number of original ones
coffee varieties that belong under the term "heirloom." These trees often have
different appearance, different sizes, shapes of leaves and fruits, which indicates their genetics
diversity. Thanks to this diversity, heirloom trees have a higher resistance to diseases and
pests, which is a crucial factor for maintaining the long-term sustainability of coffee cultivation.
The flavor profile of heirloom coffee is rich and complex. He often offers
diverse floral notes such as jasmine, violets or roses, along with a pleasant
fruity and mild acidity. These characteristics are especially popular with lovers
of selected coffees, who are looking for authenticity and uniqueness in every cup.
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