Kvalitní káva do kanceláře? Jednoznačně od Coffee Source!

Quality coffee for the office? Definitely from Coffee Source!

Coffee is a frequent work benefit. It supports vigilance, concentration, and its ritual can also strengthen the team beautifully. And since there is no greater success than having a healthy and satisfied internal team, we assume that you will agree with us on this - a quality coffee machine and excellent coffee in the workplace are an absolute necessity. If you agree and still know that things are a little different for you, or there is still room for improvement, read on. We at Coffee Source also specialize in office spaces, and we are happy to provide you with everything you need from A to Z so that you can enjoy a great cup of espresso or another favorite coffee drink during your work. All for great prices and with a professional approach. 

Quality coffee beans that you will like

Grains are the foundation of success. Without them, you cannot prepare a perfect cup of coffee even with the best coffee machine. Therefore, this should not be underestimated, supplying the office with low-quality grains of uncertain origin is really not worth it. The employees will soon find out and you will definitely not please them. Rather, you will further support the irritated atmosphere. And nobody wants that. Therefore, make sure to choose really high-quality coffee beans, which we will be happy to help you with. 

TIP: The proof of the quality of the grains is the information about the origin and processing on their product page or the label itself. Another important piece of information to know is the date and degree of roasting. 

We follow this tip our entire career. We want to reveal as much as possible to our clients. And since you we roast and buy coffee ourselves, we know each tiny grain in detail personally. That's why we will give you honest advice and choose exactly the coffee that will suit your office the most. Trust us, there is no coffee like coffee.  


Tasting set not only for preparing espresso

For offices that primarily prefer espresso and drinks made from it, we recommend Coffee Source coffee blends. They are perfectly balanced blends different types of arabica from all over the world. And so that you can taste them all and agree together as a team which ones you like best, we have in the e-shop tasting set of 4 types of coffeeWhite Blend, Black Blend, Dark Star Blend a BIO Mixture

After that, we have created a tasting package from ours as well selected coffees, which are more suitable for the preparation of alternative methods, such as Hario V60, drip or aeropress. These methods are a bit more complicated and time-consuming than pressing a button on a classic coffee machine, so you will only rarely encounter them in offices, but they definitely have their share. 

Coffee Source consulting or we are your partner

We will advise you and support your decision-making not only in the selection of suitable coffee beans. Do you have a broken coffee machine at work? This is not an obstacle for us either, so you can contact us with such problems. We are not just a seller. We will become your partner in the field of coffee and coffee technology. 

You can contact us with:

  • by choosing a suitable coffee machine or other method of preparing coffee,
  • by choosing the best grains tailored for you,
  • a broken coffee machine,
  • by adding coffee beans,
  • organizing a lecture about coffee, 
  • by selecting and supplying alternative coffee preparation methods,
  • and anything related to coffee technology.

Plain and simple, we will ensure the perfectly smooth operation of all necessities in the beginning and afterwards we will make sure that you never run out of coffee beans in the office.

Installation of the coffee machine and the workshop itself

You have chosen your coffee machine, but now what? Do not despair, you can continue to attend to your work duties. We will arrange it for you. We will come, install the coffee machine where you say and teach you and everyone else how to make the best coffee. We will make your office private professional cafe full of enthusiastic baristas.

Our range of coffee machines:

We understand that everyone is comfortable with something a little different, so we have several types of coffee machines from different manufacturers. 

La Marzocco coffee makers

Maximum professional coffee machines and barista accessories of Italian quality with a long tradition. You can see this equipment in luxury cafes and businesses where the owners are not indifferent to coffee. Is that you too? If so, you will not regret the La Marzocco coffee machine. Among them, you will find both small and space-saving coffee machines, as well as classic large ones, which exude majesty. Both types are maximally professional and of high quality. The difference is only in size.


A completely unusual brand from America that created the most original coffee technology of all time. Modbar exudes elegance thanks to its minimalism. After installing it, it won't even look like you have a coffee machine in your office. Cell the technology is hidden under the surface of the bar. Only the brewing head of the coffee machine and the steam nozzle for whipping milk stick out. Thanks to this arrangement, you can be very creative in your office and organize your barista corner exactly as it suits you best in the team. In addition, Modbar coffee machines are made of the highest quality materials and components. Here you go no compromises in the ratio of design and performance they do not expect. 

Coffee makers Promac

Simple-to-operate classic espresso coffee machines that conjure up a great cup of not only espresso. They have plastic components and, in terms of size, you can choose between a single-lever, two-lever or three-lever coffee maker. 

Profitec coffee shops 

Elegant and timeless looking coffee machines with shiny stainless steel construction. They are more affordable  and may look complicated at first impression, but the opposite is true. They require exactly the same procedures as all others. But don't worry, we will teach you and your team playfully. 

Iberital coffee makers

Larger and more minimalist coffee machines with aesthetic backlighting. Their advantage can also be their size, which is very compact. The Iberital coffee maker can also fit into a smaller office.

Eversys automatic coffee machines

One press coffee? That's not a problem either. If you don't want to go through more complicated learning or if you often have a changing audience in your workspace, these are the coffee machines for you. And don't worry, the automation does not affect the quality. These coffee machines it can perfectly whip milk foam and prepare a perfect espresso with rich cream.

Alternative coffee preparations

Is your team full of hipster coffee lovers? For those we have a rich selection of alternative methods, thanks to which you will be able to enjoy at work, for example drip or other filtered coffee. Preparing alternatives is a bit more complicated, but it's nothing you can't learn.

Probably most at work you will appreciate it filter station. These allow you to prepare more coffee at once, not just one portion. You can thus make your colleagues happy in the morning and make them feel better in the morning with a cup of great coffee. 

A team of young people will also appreciate a matcha or chai latte

But it doesn't end with coffee. We can also supply you with other non-coffee drinks, and the popular ones matcha latte or chai latte. To prepare these drinks you only need a steam nozzle to whip milk and a little practice, but we can train that with the whole team on a private course. Extra matcha provides energy much more gently than coffee. It can therefore be a healthier alternative for those colleagues who, for example, have high blood pressure or simply don't like coffee.

So, if you are starting on a "green field" with a barista corner in the office, do not despair, it is not lost. We have a lot to choose from.

Coffee catering

Are you looking for quality coffee catering for a company party or business conference? Even in that case, you are right here. We provide coffee catering at large and small events, and that with everything (desserts included, they simply belong with coffee). We bring everything, install it, and then our baristas just prepare the exact coffee that the participants of the conference or other event ask for. After the event, we will restore the entire space to its original state so that you have no worries.


We are not just a coffee seller. We are your professional partner in the field of coffee technology and we will not leave you in the lurch. During our cooperation, we will take care of the coffee bean stocks, the condition of the coffee machine and the training of your employees. We will help you with the selection of coffee and the necessary technology. Last but not least, we also provide coffee catering at your company events. Coffee brings people together. So let's connect. Leave us a message at contact form and let's start creating a coffee culture in your company together.