Věrnostní program od Coffee Source

Loyalty program from Coffee Source

Loyalty is still in fashion. And here at Coffee Source, we really value yours, so we would like to reward it appropriately. So that you, our loyal customers, can also benefit from it. So we have prepared a loyalty program for you, in which absolutely everyone can earn points. Just shop around. It's that simple. That sounds good, what do you think? Let's see together what advantages we have for you and what you can get for them?

How does it work? 

The whole principle of this program is completely intuitive and natural. You can do it with this three-step procedure: 

1. Register 

Thanks to registration, we will know you and we will know who drinks our coffee and with whom we have the honor. All you have to do is leave your e-mail and other information for the courier who will deliver the ordered products to you. Your profile will be something like a collection point for receipts, a basket for rewards on our e-shop. Everything will be transparent and fast. And for the initial stepping stone, we will credit you with 300 points immediately after registration. 

2. Shop and collect points

After registration, you can immediately go shopping and order fresh coffee beans or any other barista equipment. We have a lot on offer, we believe that everyone will find exactly what they are looking for. And you collect points for every purchase. More precisely, for every crown spent. 1 CZK equals three points in our program. So yes, you can shop cheaply. 

3. Score

Every crown counts and every point brings benefits. When you collect a certain number of points, it's time for rewards. You can then exchange the earned points on your account for discount vouchers and shop even more advantageously that morning. 

12,000 points = CZK 200 discount

30,000 points = CZK 500 discount

60,000 points = CZK 1,000 discount

Who is the loyalty program suitable for? 

He can score every home coffee lover, enthusiastic barista or anyone who at least orders from time to time any coffee equipment. If you only plan to make a one-time purchase, such as coffee beans for someone's birthday as a gift, and you don't plan to return, signing up and joining the program probably won't pay off at all. But we will still be happy if you stay in touch with us in that case. After all, you never know when a few beans of quality coffee or maybe a pack of chai latte will come in handy. Therefore, leave us your e-mail at the bottom of the e-shop and we will always send you an offer of new products or selected coffees to your inbox. So you won't miss anything.

Coffee Source - věrnostní program

What products can you use discount coupons for? 

For the entire purchase. It is entirely up to you whether you add to the basket coffee subscription, our new selection of coffee or you just need to replenish your barista equipment. Here at Coffee Source you can find absolutely everything. 

The discount coupon, which you can simply exchange on your profile for points obtained from previous purchases, is used in the basket and the price of the products will be reduced by that given amount. There are no hidden hooks in it. Your satisfaction is in our highest interest, so we want to make shopping as pleasant as possible for you. The only condition is to meet the required number of points (see equation above). 

Barista equipment you can buy cheaper: 

Our coffee of choice Coffee Source

Our selection of coffee is really wide and is enriched with new coffee almost every month. So you can choose from different roasting options, countries of origin and processing. Everyone can find their chosen one here. And if you don't have a favorite, try ours first tasting set of selected coffees. This will allow you to taste six types of coffee according to the current offer. Currently they are: 

  • Guatemala The Avocado - Jesus Cardona, in which you will smell apple cider, milk chocolate or jam.
  • Ethiopia Suke Group, which is a very popular coffee from our offer. It carries notes of citrus and honey sweetness.
  • Ethiopia GermanyI found Daniel – popular choice coffee from family cultivation.
  • Colombia Corozal, which will delight you with a cup smelling of tropical fruit and milk chocolate.
  • Honduras Montecillos – bonus grains that you can't get anywhere else. 
  • Kenyan Massai. A mixture of different varieties of Kenyan coffee, which together form an absolutely irresistible aroma and freshness.

Dad now it is especially suitable for alternative preparations, such as Chemex or Aeropress. If you have an espresso machine or a lever coffee machine at home, reach for it instead tasting set for espresso. In it you will find the following grains:

  • White Blend – delicious espresso with the flavor of baked chocolate body.
  • Black Blend is a mix of two Arabicas with an intense resulting taste.
  • Dark Star Blend with the aroma of hazelnuts.
  • BIO Mixture – organically obtained coffee beans that will remind you of dried apricots in taste.

And, of course, it doesn't end with coffee here. Since you can use the loyalty program for the entire offer, let's take a look at, for example alternative coffee preparations. These methods are especially suitable for those of you who you don't want to invest exorbitant amounts into professional coffee machines, but you would still like to enjoy a quality cup of coffee in the comfort of your home. Tools for alternative coffee preparations are affordable and absolutely everyone will learn to operate them. 


Pocket coffee maker - that's Aeropress. You can take it with you everywhere and conjure yourself up like that delicious coffee even on the go. As the name suggests, Aeropress works on the basis of air compression. All you need are paper filters to ensure perfect extraction. Do not forget before the first use read our detailed instructions

French press

The easiest alternative method is guaranteed to be the French press. Believe me, once you try it, you will absolutely fall in love with it. There is nothing better than having great coffee ready in a few minutes. Primitive the investment will cost you a few crowns and then you will only invest in the best coffee. But it is especially suitable for preparing several cups. You can use it best in offices or wherever there are more coffee lovers.


A charming design accessory that will prepare you a great and fragrant coffee. The Chemex looks like a flask and will look great in your kitchen. You won't be able to make espresso in it, but believe me, after tasting Chemex coffee, you already will you won't want anything else. The coffee tastes unusually clean and smooth. All possible flavors and aromas will stand out. Chemex is simply something you have to try. 

From coffee, non-coffee to barista accessories

Explore our e-shop, register and join our community of coffee lovers. You won't find more favorable conditions elsewhere. And we don't rely "only" on customer service. Ours products and services are maximally ethical in all respects. If you buy from us, you can be 100% sure that you are supporting a meaningful cause. 

And to sum it all up: The more often you return to us, the more points you will earn and the more discounts you will be able to apply. So collect points, make yourself and your loved ones happy, and buy coffee and barista accessories more advantageously.