Baristické kurzy pro začátečníky i pokročilé

Barista courses for beginners and advanced

Do you want to become a master of coffee or latte art? No scholar has fallen from heaven yet, and that is why we are here. At Coffee Source, we will teach you everything from coffee to A to Z. Choose from our barista courses, which are designed for complete beginners, but also for those who already know something about coffee and become a professional in the preparation of coffee drinks. If you do not know which course would be right for you, read on.

What courses do we offer in Coffee Source?

All courses cover experienced professionals, so you can be absolutely sure that after completing them you will be full of information and feel even more enthusiastic about making coffee than ever before.

The course of barist courses

Home barista ESPRESSO

As the name implies, this training is primarily for subsequent home use. Suitable for all coffee lovers who are not satisfied with an ordinary Turk. If you or someone close to you is one of them, do not hesitate. 

In this 3-hour course, you will learn the basic terminology of the barista, get an idea of the processing of coffee beans and their types, and then get acquainted with the coffee machine. Under the supervision of professionals who will help you at all times, you will train the creation of delicious espresso. Once you master this technique, you will move on to the basics of whipping milk and you will be able to try the famous latte art (painting with milk foam in a cup with espresso). But you won't miss the cleaning either coffee maker. In short, you will learn everything you need to impress your home with great coffee.

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Professional barista ESPRESSO

This course will open the door to the world of professional baristas. If you have always wanted to work in a nice cafe or even open your own, you will not step aside with this course. The professional barista ESPRESSO is a 7-hour course where you will learn really useful information about the course of coffee growing and subsequent processing. Together with our professionals, you will look at the important basics of cupping, for example, you will learn to work well with the coffee grinder and there will also be experience in the preparation of milk drinks. After this training, you will also master the basics of latte art, which will really come in handy in the café. 

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Home barista FILTER

We could not forget the popular alternative methods, so this course was created. In this course, you will learn how to taste coffee properly, find out whether it is suitable for filtered methods and, last but not least, you will also focus on the extraction ratios. After an important theoretical part, you will move on to practice. This course will teach you how to grind coffee beans correctly (grinder settings + individual grinding roughness) and you will also learn how to prepare V60, Aeropress and also French Press. All of these alternatives are suitable for the home environment, but you would also shine with them in a café. This course is therefore suitable for both complete beginners and advanced baristas who want to expand their knowledge. There is more and more interest in filtered coffee among people, so it is good to have this knowledge that we offer you with this course. 

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Latte art

Flat white with a picture just tastes better. Whether you are a complete beginner in the field of milk beverage preparation or you want to deepen your skills considerably, you will be right here. What awaits you in this course? In short, you will refresh your work with the coffee machine, you will learn the basic terminology of latte art, you will get acquainted with all types of coffee drinks with milk and you will learn how to prepare them correctly. You will leave this 3-hour training as a whipping master and you will have a very good time in your barista career.

Coffee Source - kurzy

All these courses are organized in our Prague roastery in Štěrboholy, where we will pay maximum attention to you. We strive for a very individual approach, so you can expect a really low number of vacancies. Thanks to this, you will be able to concentrate and we will pay you as much attention as we can. And don't forget that these courses can also work great as a gift. Experience or education will always please the most anyway.