Kávové kurzy v Coffee Source pro začátečníky i pokročilé. Co si z nich odnesete?

Coffee courses at Coffee Source for beginners and advanced. What will you take away from them?

Being a barista is not just about owning a quality lever coffee maker and bean grinder. A barista must have knowledge, skills and also some experience. Fortunately, no scientist fell from the sky and even the best baristas were once at the very beginning. It usually starts with desire. They crave great coffee and discovery. Coffee culture is really extensive, and this knowledge will allow you to playfully experiment with caffeinated drinks and discover new tastes. Being a barista is therefore very colorful and you hardly meet a stereotype. But where to learn all this? You can choose the self-taught route, which can take significantly longer, or choose a variant Coffee Source courses, where you will learn from the best.

What courses do we offer? 

You can choose from four different ones with us - two basic courses focused on espresso (one for home baristas and the other professional), another in which you will learn everything about alternative methods of coffee preparation and, last but not least, a course on the basics of latte art and perfect whipping milk. 

All courses take place in Prague at Coffee Source. We emphasize an individual approach, that is why the maximum number of participants is only 6 and that is only in the case of the professional espresso course, for the others we usually meet with a maximum of four participants. We will teach you thoroughly everything you will need in your practice and that using quality La Marzocco lever coffee machines. Subsequently, it will be up to you how you deepen your skills.

Home barista espresso

This one basic three-hour course it is intended for everyone who wants to enjoy coffee at home like from a cafe or try working with a quality lever coffee maker. There is a theory involved in figuring out the path the coffee bean has to travel before it reaches the cup of coffee. You will also learn basic work with a coffee machine. After completing the course you will be able to make a great espresso. But we won't forget about whipping milk either. It would be a sin not to use the nozzle on the home coffee machine, so we will show you the correct procedure for whipping milk and participants will also try basic latte art images. Before we say goodbye to the course, we will also show you how to take care of the coffee machine and properly clean it so that it lasts as long as possible without corrosion or other signs of use.

Professional barista espresso

If you've always wanted to open your own coffee shop or work at your favorite one, this course is exactly for you. It offers 7 hours of knowledge, practice and knowledge of coffee culture. We will focus here on a deeper theory about cultivation, coffee processing methods and subsequently roasting. Let's talk about the differences between premium and commodity coffee, we'll tell each other the secret of sensorics a also the basics of cupping, which is very popular among professionals. In practice, we will also show the basics of working with the grinder and, of course, the preparation of the espresso itself. We will also focus on the basics whipping milk, creating fine micro foam and subsequent painting into espresso. After successfully completing the seven-hour course, we thoroughly clean the La Marzocco coffee machines, which is also an integral part of the barista routine.

Home barista filter

This course is especially suitable for filter coffee lovers, rich flavors and diverse coffee aromas. You can even be a complete beginner. In 6 hours of this course, we will mainly focus on aeropress, french press a V60. We will primarily show you how to work with a quality coffee grinder, as the grinding of beans is different for every alternative method of coffee preparation, so this skill and knowledge of grinding is essential. We will also delve into the theory, thanks to which you will learn everything about extraction, why it is usually not a good idea to use ordinary tap water, we will show basics of cupping, sensors and we will also talk about coffee history.

Short latte art

Last a very popular course refers to latte art. Pictures painted with milk foam into espresso have been a big phenomenon in recent years. They are waiting for you 3 hours of intensive milk foam production and painting lessons. This course is especially suitable for those who already have experience with espresso.

Milk and consumed coffee are included in all courses. If you choose our courses, we believe you will not regret it. We look forward to you.