Kávové předplatné aneb nekonečná zásoba výběrové kávy

Coffee subscription or an endless supply of selected coffee

You are full to the letter, but you want to sleep. You turn on the coffee machine with the vision of enjoying a great energizing coffee that will allow you to start the work day without drooping lids, but unfortunately you have to let the taste go. The coffee bean bag is empty and there are no other supplies. This is not a very positive first step towards a new day and we would not wish this situation on anyone. That's why we decided to create something that will make your work easier and save you from this disappointment that will wake you up, but definitely not in the way you would like. Coffee subscription from Coffee Source is here!

Coffee subscription from Coffee Source

Regular coffee deliveries? Automatically? Yes! And no worries. 

We have been preparing this service for a really long time. We thought about how to do it as best as possible. How to prepare internal systems so that the subscription is really reliable both for us and above all for you. The story we told at the beginning of this article must never be repeated. We'll take care of that.

Did you know that…

… with our subscription you don't necessarily have to pay anything up front?

… can you choose the frequency of deliveries as suits you and not the supplier?

… can the subscription be suspended at any time for a certain period of time (for example, due to vacation)?

… can you edit your subscription settings easily in your customer account?

All this is possible and you can get it all with us. With us, you won't need any large sums to pre-pay for your coffee, and you don't even have to bound by the amount of withdrawal. At Coffee Source, you only pay for the packages of coffee beans that we actually deliver to you. Thanks to this, you will not have to think about replenishing your caffeine reserves and you will be able to invest this brain capacity in more beneficial activities. 

Who is the coffee subscription suitable for?

  • For all coffee lovers who like to prepare it regularly at home.

Subscription options

If you decide to subscribe to coffee beans, you will need to clarify a few facts. When choosing a subscription, you need to enter the frequency of deliveries, the size of the package and the type of coffee (whether you will use it for filter or espresso). 

So ask yourself these basic questions – how much coffee do you drink per week and what is your favorite coffee preparation method. Based on the answers, then decide when choosing a subscription. But do not be afraid that these decisions of yours would be immutable. Before each other package you can change the frequency as well as the amount and purpose of the coffee. Enough with your new demands contact at objednavky@coffeesource.eu and we will be happy to accommodate you. You even have a coffee subscription you can suspend for a certain period of time. For example, if you know that you are going on vacation or you have a difficult move ahead of you, during which it would be difficult for you to rush around town with a courier, let us know and together we will agree on how long we will suspend the subscription.

You can set deliveries in the following frequencies:

  • 1x a week
  • every other week
  • every three weeks 
  • every month

We deliver coffee packaging in sizes either 250 grams or 1000 grams. However, the number of these packages is arbitrary. So if your coffee consumption is really high, perhaps thanks to a higher number of members of yours households, it's no problem for us. We will roast as much as you need.

More often and after smaller packages vs. longer frequency and higher number of packages

The freshness of the coffee is crucial. It determines its quality and correct taste. And how long does the coffee stay fresh? Already opened grains with proper storage will last plus or minus a week. Ground coffee has its heyday after only a few hours. That is why we prefer more frequent deliveries with fewer packages. That way, it is guaranteed that your cup of coffee will not taste different, or worse, after some time. Fresh coffee every week or two will keep your taste buds happy. 

But you have something else to choose from. And that kind of coffee. You prefer a mixture of different species coffee or your preference one pure origin and processing? After choosing this fact, all you have to do is enter the billing information and you can enjoy the automatic regular delivery of fragrant coffee to your home.

How does it all work? 

The whole process is simple and user friendly. You don't have to fill in any redundant information, read lengthy terms or set up anything. Ordering a subscription works in the same way as other one-time purchases from the e-shop. So how to do it?

  • In the Coffee Source e-shop, you can find a Coffee subscription in the Our coffee menu and choose whether you want it subscribe to the grain mix or selective coffee
  • We will ask you to provide additional information on the product page. Package weight, number and type. In the case of a blend, you will have a direct choice of which one you prefer. If you choose a premium coffee subscription, the most important information for us is whether you will use the coffee for espresso or filter. 
  • You will then enter information about your payment card in the basket, thanks to which we will be able to continue processing the subscription until you cancel it. 
  • During the next two working days, the GLS courier will bring you the ordered coffee, which you can enjoy without worrying about the fact that it might run out soon and you will have to order another one. 
  • After period you set yourself, the courier will arrive again with the same package.
  • The coffee supply will be replenished. No worries. 

How will the subscription be paired with your bank account? 

For example, do you pay any streaming portals? Or a telephone tariff? This is the same. It comes to your email every month automatic recap order, in which we inform you about the next subscription. If there is no cancellation on your part, the money will be automatically sent from your card, thus the automatic order will be paid and processed. As it was already written above - no excess financial amounts. You only pay for what you actually get. 

And what kind of coffee can you expect in your subscription? 

In the case of coffee blends, we have four variants to choose from. But all grains are 100% Arabica and come from the best conditions. They subsequently also have during transport, roasting and overall handling. 

  • Dark star – bitter tones with a touch of hazelnuts 
  • White blend – delicate taste with a floral aroma
  • Black blend – a slightly bitter blend with a marzipan taste
  • Organic mixture – grains from organic farming with a hint of milk chocolate

All these blends create two different types of coffee and are especially suitable for preparing espresso using lever or automatic coffee machines.

If you order premium coffee subscription, a somewhat simpler choice awaits you. In this case, we will only be interested in whether you prepare a filter at home or use an espresso machine. Every shipment will be a surprise for you - you never know if the grains will arrive from Honduras, Ethiopia, or another corner of the world. You will have the opportunity to taste new flavor combinations in your cup.

According to your favorite style of coffee preparation (espresso or alternative methods), which you tell us using the button on the product page of the coffee subscription, we will evaluate which coffee is the most suitable for your home. But as we already wrote above, it will not stay with one. By pre-paying for selected coffee, you also get the option to taste new selected coffees from different corners of the world than the ones you are used to.

Order our subscription and finally enjoy an endless amount of coffee. One big concern will be eliminated - keeping an eye on your stock. Leave it to us.